It's Not an Easy Story

My story, I mean. It's not an easy one. And it's not really all that fun or exciting for the most part. Most likely, my story, or at least the ones I choose to share aren't really that interesting or important in the grand scheme of things. But they, like me, exist. And I guess that's a pretty cool and interesting thing in itself. I've always enjoyed the thought that there are so many stories and emotions and ideas running around in every persons head. And there are so many people who exist which creates an infinite amount of things that can be shared with others, if that person should choose. One thing about my story specifically, is that I sometimes enjoy writing about it. Not all of it, because that would be tedious and it would be filled with a lot of boring details. But there are some things that are worth putting out there to me. And I guess what this site was, and is still, about for me. It's a place to record the nonstop thought process created by my mind. It's a chance to have someone else read it and maybe take a second and say something in return. It's something that adds to my life. I don't know exactly what the future holds with me and writing. It's been a part of who I am for so long, and it's something I'd like to pursue a little more. I'm about to start a lot of new and exciting things, and I feel like that could give me a chance to really reclaim some of the old hobbies I enjoyed for so long.  I'm about to create so many new stories. And I think it's time I continue to share my experiences in hopes that somewhere along the line someone enjoys them. Even if the only person who ever does is just me a few years later, I'm fine with that.

I started a blog around the time I turned twelve. I called it "Just Another Boring Teenage Blog" because I thought it was funny and had a slightly edgy aura. I was wrong. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. I made friends from places I had never been to. Some of you I still see updates from occasionally.
About a year later I changed the name of the blog to "Maddy's Blog" because that was straightforward and I thought that was the way to go. I was once again, wrong. But I still enjoyed writing about things that were happening around me. It made me feel important. I gained followers and somehow more than one person thought that I was worth paying attention to.
I changed the name of the site one more time. I called it "The Dream Catcher" and the name has stuck ever since then. I don't know where the idea came from, but something about it felt right. And I think it still does. It became a place to rant about the annoyances of middle school, and then high school. It was a place to share my advice and give opinions on different things. I could talk about movies and music and answer questions. It became a full time hobby.
Somewhere along the line I lost the touch. I couldn't really find the words to type anymore. Stories just didn't seem to important. Growing up is hard. I didn't have time, and when I did I lacked energy and inspiration.
It's something I've been finding myself regaining lately. So maybe I'll continue it for awhile. I think I'm finally actually ready to restart. In the end, I'm the only person who will care 100% about this so I might as well give it one more shot.

So, here we go again.

New stories
New thoughts and ideas
New everything

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