Hey there.
If anyone is actually reading this, which would be surprising, then they'd know that it's been well over a year since I've done anything on this blog. This is due to a lot of things. Lack of time, lack of commitment, and just forgetting my login info like an idiot.
I also found several other websites that sparked my interest and stole my time.
I was going through some old Facebook pictures of mine, when i saw a screenshot of an old post I made, and I thought about all the stuff I had written and everything I had said, and then I typed the old URL into my search bar and stalked my old self. And it reminded me of how different things were then. And how much I enjoyed being part of the blogger world. No, I wasn't particularly successful, but I had a small handful of people who would read and comment, and I can't help but miss that.
So I spent a big portion of my time looking through all my old emails and passwords, and I finally found the right one to get on here.
What exactly does that mean?
I'm not sure.
Why make promises that I can't keep and say I'll write all the time? All I currently know is that I want to start again. It's like a journey. I can go back and look at who I was and what I thought years ago. Which is pretty cool, and a little awful because I refuse to believe I existed before the age of 15. But the thought still counts. Three years from now I can look through here and remember.
So let's just see what happens.

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