I Have Learned

I've written several of those "Things You Should Know About High School" posts. And while I still find the things that I said to be true, it never really proved whether or not I learned anything from those things. Let's get one thing straight: High School is definitely as cheesy and cliche as books/movies make it out to be. But it's not all so bad. I'm a junior now, and I started this blog way back in the seventh grade. (Although I am trying to erase all proof that I existed before age 15)
But let me tell you, I've learned quite a bit about myself in that span of time.

1. Everything Works Itself Out
I've spent one too many nights stressing in my sleep over something, only to have it not matter in the slightest by the time the next day rolls around. Yes, your project/paper/homework is fine. If you put in the right amount of time to get it done, it'll be okay. And yes, you're going to argue with people every now and then. We're people. We disagree. If it's serious enough to be that mad over, you're taking yourself too seriously. 

2. Yes, You Look Good
I have spent the last three years of high school worrying about my appearance. I've never taken a no-makeup Monday. Not once. And yes, that is partially due to my low esteem issues, but worrying about impressing people all the time is pretty far up on the list as well. You look just as good as the girl/guy sitting next to you whether you're wearing yoga pants and a hoodie, or a dress. All that matters is that you're comfortable with what you're wearing. Because in ten years, no one will remember what you wore on Tuesday, or if you wore makeup or not one day. It's cheesy, but they'll remember the way that you acted to them and others. 

3. Nothing Is Permanent 
School ends, and you all move on with your life. Some of you will move away, and some of you will end up in the same college sipping Starbucks and talking about the good ole days. The teacher that you couldn't stand will be nothing more than a horror story you tell to others. Your exes? Who really cares. And your friends? You can always hope that you end up in the same place, but if nothing else, you'll be able to stay in contact and continue to support each other. 

4. Do What You Want 
I've always been afraid that if I do something wrong, everyone will hate me. But the truth of it all is, you won't be wrong. If you want to join a team, you join that team. You want to ask that guy out? Do it. The worst they can say is no. You have the power to change the way you're life goes. 

5. You Are Good Enough
This is the hardest one to accept sometimes. I went through so much of my life afraid to open my mouth, because I was afraid. I always worried that people would reject what I was saying, or that maybe I was annoying them, or maybe I was just too much of a bother. The amount of missed friendships and relationships I've had is amazing. (Here comes the cheesy saying) You are the only 'you' in this world. You are unique, and you are good enough. No, he/she is not out of your league. No, they probably don't hate you. You're opinion does matter. I still have trouble believing people when they tell me things they like about me. I've never been able to fully accept a compliment, because I've always felt like the person giving it felt like they were forced to say something nice. But they weren't. When you're friends says you look nice, she means it. When the person in the hall says they like your shoes, they mean it. And when your boyfriend/girlfriend tell you that you're the best, by God, they better mean it. 

Be unapologetically you. 

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