Let us all still be thankful tomorrow.

With today being Thanksgiving and all, I thought it would be the perfect time to do the yearly "thankful for" post. There's a lot of things in this world, some big, some small, some that don't even seem like things to be thankful for, but they are. So I thought I'd share them all with you.

001. The way your favorite food tastes after not having it in quite some time.
002. When cats purr really loud.
003. Internet connections
004. Music that just gets you
005. Seeing a new movie for the first time.
006. When someone says something and you just know you and your best friend are thinking the exact same thing, and you have a mental connection for .003 seconds
007. Birthdays
008. Watching people greet their friends in public when they didn't know their friend would be there.
009. Books
010. Those moments when you've stayed up so late that you're not even tired anymore.
011. When you remember what you're looking for
012. Half days of school.
013. typing with different formats 
014. Finding out you have things in common with other people.
015. friends
016. That even though I complain about living here all the time, I live in a town where there's pretty good acceptance of all people no matter who they are. Not to say that we don't have problems, but we could have it so much worse. 
017. Understanding a geometry problem for once.
018. Teachers who don't assign textbooks.
019. When your nails match the whole overall look of your outfit. 
020. Clothes. Shoes. Purses. Did I already say shoes?
021. When you make someone laugh so hard they cry, or someone does it to you.
022. Watching your family interact with each other 
023. When you're at church and the pastor says something that hits you right in the heart because what he's said is beautiful and true.
024. Playing board games with friends and family. 
025. When animals know you're upset and just kinda lick your face and sit there with cute eyes.
026. Seeing someone instantly become happier when you compliment them, and the overall feeling of being complemented. 
027. When your friends parents basically become your other set of parents.
028. Keeping in touch with people in your life whether they moved away, or you met them online, or you just don't see them that often.
029. Having phone conversations with your friends for hours even though you see each other all the time and have nothing really substantial to say.
030. When people appreciate your opinions and things that you have to say. 

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